4H/FFA CENTER    $150 DEPOSIT REQUIRED (refundable pending inspection after the event)
                                $50 Small Meeting Room & Kitchen
                              $200 ONE DAY Rate (IN and OUT SAME DAY) 
                              $400 Weekend Rate (Friday Noon – Sunday Noon: pending no other paid bookings) 
                                $75 each additional day
               No household auctions and No outside alcohol will be allowed in the 4H/FFA Center.

  Boat/Car Storage Fees (Nov. thru April)       $120 per unit
  Mid-American Energy Show Arena Storage  $300 per unit


  Fair vendors:       Adair County Residents:    $25 outdoors, No charge Varied Ind. Building
                             Out of county:                   $75 outdoors
                                                                      $25 indoors Varied Industries Building
                             Machinery:                       $300 with one display banner, $500 with two banners
                                                                              (No additional charge for current Fair Sponsors)          

 Bleachers                                                       $75 - 5 row
  (Nodaway Valley School exempt)                   $50 - 3 row

 Camping                                                        $15 per night (tents/no electric $5/night)
       Fair: Preregistered/Prepaid w/Electric:   $180 for entire fair (includes required two adult passes)

 Fair Food Stands                                         $1000 main stand, $225 South stand, $125 triangle

 Picnic tables                                                Donations requested


 Machinery Auctions                                     $200 (all items must be removed in 2 weeks)


 Grounds (per day)                                    

          Courtyard                                            $50                               

          Show Rings: Cattle, Swine, Sheep         $35                               

          Horse Arena                                         $50             Tractor Fee $50                        

  Auction Sales or Profit Shows                        Cost determined on per case basis

   Swine, Sheep, Cattle Barns   
   Grandstand, Track, Grounds          Cost determined on per case basis                *proof of insurance required